What can a bobcat do??

It can:
remove two pesky ant hills.
Move the basketball backboard and empty it of sand so that it can be worked on and possibly resurrected.
Clear a garden path
Move a ton of horse pooey to a raised bed garden.
Clean a mountain of mulch out of the driveway.
Clean the cement pour out that the contractor left in the driveway.
Smooth the hillside so that it can be mowed, the last of the Larry moon landscape (see earlier pictures of sunroom).
remove the dead trees from the orchard.
Begin to cut a walkway for the shop (clay is nasty stuff)
move a 100'x100' weathered polyethylene sheet to the burn pile.
Consolidate burn piles at the old house.
Clean out the metal waste heap behind the old barn.
level the ground above the septic tank.
Move the aluminum for the greenhouse to the shop.
Move the rocks away from the driveway so that friends can keep their car axles!
Begin to insulate the greenhouse wall with mulch and dirt.
Dig out the gravel from the cutout on the green house so it can be used for water and dirt storage.
Move the wagon out of the swale its been sitting in for 5 years.
Resurrect the hog fence behind the old barn for grape and vine arbor stuff.

What it couldn't do in my hands:
Save my hat from being stylized i.e. chewed up by Zeus when I set it on the yard bench, see pictures.
Dig out the doorway for the greenhouse.
Dig out the sidewalk and landing zone at the shop so that cement can be poured (clay just too hard!!).
Knock down recently dead trees (not enough macho).
clean up small debris without a second laborer.
Rake as good as an actual rake while planting grass seed. Need a special attachment for that I guess (me).

What it shouldn't have done:
Ran over the old gate for the hog fence rendering it useless.
Badly maimed or maybe killed the only sugar maple in the orchard (bucket too high, me bad!!).
Make little bob prints all over the farm.
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