Typical G-codes for 3D

;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 14.12 ; Default start code ;G1 Z15 F100 G21 ; set units to millimeters ;M107 ; Turn off fan G90 ; Absolute positioning M82 ; Extruder in absolute mode ;M190 S50 ; Activate all used extruder M104 S195 G92 X0 Y0 Z0 E0 ; Reset extruder position ; Wait for all used extruders to reach temperature M109 S195 ;Layer count: 122 ;LAYER:0 M106 ; Turn on fan G1 F9000 X15.603 Y13.624 Z0.300 ;TYPE:SKIRT G1 F1800 X18.864 Y10.948 E0.21046 G1 X22.585 Y8.959 E0.42096 G1 X26.082 Y7.899 E0.60326 G1 X26.612 Y7.736 E0.63093 G1 X30.820 Y7.321 E0.84188 G1 X35.017 Y7.735 E1.05229 G1 X38.539 Y8.803 E1.23590 G1 X39.062 Y8.964 E1.26320 G1 X42.775 Y10.948 E1.47323 G1 X46.036 Y13.624 E1.68369 G1 X48.712 Y16.885 E1.89415 G1 X50.701 Y20.606 E2.10465 G1 X51.761 Y24.103 E2.28695 G1 X51.924 Y24.633 E2.31462 G1 X52.339 Y28.840 E2.52552 G1 X51.925 Y33.038 E2.73598 G1 X50.857 Y36.560 E2.91959 G1 X50.696 Y37.083 E2.94689 G1 X48.970 Y40.313 E3.12960 G1 X48.713 Y40.794 E3.15681 G1 X46.036 Y44.057 E3.36738 G1 X43.200 Y46.384 E3.55040 G1 X42.776 Y46.732 E3.57776 G1 X39.054 Y48.721 E3.78831 G1 X35.018 Y49.946 E3.99873 G1 X30.820 Y50.360 E4.20919 ... ... etc. etc. etc. ... ... .. . ;LAYER:121 G1 X32.794 Y18.056 Z24.500 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 X32.803 Y39.393 E2766.02901 G1 X32.795 Y39.617 E2766.03647 G1 X32.772 Y39.806 E2766.04280 G1 X32.765 Y39.829 E2766.04360 G1 X28.886 Y39.830 E2766.17261 G1 X28.838 Y39.552 E2766.18200 G1 X28.837 Y18.288 E2766.88924 G1 X28.845 Y18.063 E2766.89673 G1 X28.885 Y17.852 E2766.90387 G1 X32.765 Y17.851 E2767.03292 G1 X32.772 Y17.875 E2767.03375 G1 X32.794 Y18.056 E2767.03982 G1 F9000 X32.797 Y17.831 ;TYPE:FILL G1 F2100 X28.796 Y21.831 E2767.22799 G1 F9000 X28.796 Y21.266 G1 F2100 X32.251 Y17.811 E2767.39050 G1 F9000 X31.686 Y17.811 G1 F2100 X28.796 Y20.700 E2767.52641 G1 F9000 X28.796 Y20.134 G1 F2100 X31.120 Y17.811 E2767.63570 G1 F9000 X30.554 Y17.811 G1 F2100 X28.796 Y19.569 E2767.71839 G1 F9000 X28.796 Y19.003 G1 F2100 X29.989 Y17.811 E2767.77449 G1 F9000 X29.423 Y17.811 G1 F2100 X28.796 Y18.437 E2767.80396 G1 F9000 X29.138 Y18.437 G1 X29.138 Y22.397 G1 X28.796 Y22.397 G1 F2100 X32.833 Y18.360 E2767.99384 G1 F9000 X32.833 Y18.926 G1 F2100 X28.796 Y22.963 E2768.18373 G1 F9000 X28.796 Y23.528 G1 F2100 X32.833 Y19.492 E2768.37360 G1 F9000 X32.834 Y20.057 G1 F2100 X28.796 Y24.094 E2768.56351 G1 F9000 X28.796 Y24.660 G1 F2100 X32.834 Y20.622 E2768.75344 G1 F9000 X32.834 Y21.188 G1 F2100 X28.796 Y25.226 E2768.94338 G1 F9000 X28.796 Y25.791 G1 F2100 X32.835 Y21.753 E2769.13334 G1 F9000 X32.835 Y22.319 G1 F2100 X28.796 Y26.357 E2769.32330 G1 F9000 X28.796 Y26.923 G1 F2100 X32.835 Y22.884 E2769.51328 G1 F9000 X32.835 Y23.449 G1 F2100 X28.796 Y27.488 E2769.70326 G1 F9000 X28.796 Y28.054 G1 F2100 X32.835 Y24.015 E2769.89324 G1 F9000 X32.835 Y24.581 G1 F2100 X28.796 Y28.620 E2770.08322 G1 F9000 X28.797 Y29.185 G1 F2100 X32.836 Y25.146 E2770.27321 G1 F9000 X32.836 Y25.711 G1 F2100 X28.797 Y29.750 E2770.46319 G1 F9000 X28.797 Y30.316 G1 F2100 X32.837 Y26.276 E2770.65322 G1 F9000 X32.837 Y26.842 G1 F2100 X28.797 Y30.882 E2770.84325 G1 F9000 X28.797 Y31.447 G1 F2100 X32.837 Y27.408 E2771.03325 G1 F9000 X32.838 Y27.973 G1 F2100 X28.797 Y32.013 E2771.22330 G1 F9000 X28.797 Y32.579 G1 F2100 X32.838 Y28.538 E2771.41338 G1 F9000 X32.838 Y29.104 G1 F2100 X28.797 Y33.144 E2771.60343 G1 F9000 X28.797 Y33.710 G1 F2100 X32.838 Y29.669 E2771.79351 G1 F9000 X32.838 Y30.235 G1 F2100 X28.797 Y34.276 E2771.98359 G1 F9000 X28.797 Y34.841 G1 F2100 X32.838 Y30.800 E2772.17366 G1 F9000 X32.839 Y31.365 G1 F2100 X28.797 Y35.407 E2772.36379 G1 F9000 X28.797 Y35.973 G1 F2100 X32.839 Y31.931 E2772.55391 G1 F9000 X32.839 Y32.497 G1 F2100 X28.797 Y36.539 E2772.74403 G1 F9000 X28.797 Y37.104 G1 F2100 X32.840 Y33.062 E2772.93418 G1 F9000 X32.840 Y33.627 G1 F2100 X28.797 Y37.670 E2773.12435 G1 F9000 X28.797 Y38.236 G1 F2100 X32.840 Y34.193 E2773.31452 G1 F9000 X32.840 Y34.758 G1 F2100 X28.797 Y38.801 E2773.50469 G1 F9000 X28.797 Y39.367 G1 F2100 X32.840 Y35.324 E2773.69486 G1 F9000 X32.840 Y35.889 G1 F2100 X28.861 Y39.869 E2773.88204 G1 F9000 X29.426 Y39.869 G1 F2100 X32.841 Y36.454 E2774.04268 G1 F9000 X32.841 Y37.020 G1 F2100 X29.992 Y39.869 E2774.17668 G1 F9000 X30.558 Y39.869 G1 F2100 X32.841 Y37.586 E2774.28407 G1 F9000 X32.842 Y38.151 G1 F2100 X31.124 Y39.868 E2774.36485 G1 F9000 X31.690 Y39.868 G1 F2100 X32.842 Y38.716 E2774.41904 G1 F9000 X32.842 Y39.282 G1 F2100 X32.256 Y39.868 E2774.44660 G1 F9000 X31.802 Y38.828 M107 G1 F2400 E2770.44660 G1 Z28.500 G1 F9000 X31.802 Y38.828 Z29.501 ; Default end code ;G1 X0 Y0 Z130 ; Get extruder out of way. Uncomment to use! M107 ; Turn off fan ; Disable all extruder G91 ; Relative positioning T0 G1 E-1 ; Reduce filament pressure M104 T0 S0 G90 ; Absolute positioning G92 E0 ; Reset extruder position M140 S0 ; Disable heated bed M84 ; Turn steppers off