Summer Marches On---Voila!! Zucchini!!

Where do Zucchini come from? Dr. Edward Kimble investigates. In the picture at top right you can click and see where the zucchini from the top left photo came from. They are destined for a scrumptious soup sometime in the next few days!

In the pictures below are time lapse pictures of squash and zucchini plants growing in grandpa Kimble's garden. Planted in late May and subject to some severe drought things went slowly. First came baby leaves. Next came bigger leaves and bigger leaves. Then, if you click on the bottom right picture you can see the first baby zucchini about two weeks ago (before it ended up in the pan above). At the bottom is a picture from another plant about 4 days later. In short, there is no truth to the myth that they come from:

     the busted thumbs of stripey green carnival clowns.
     that they suddenly appear overnight accompanied by a strange green glow.
     that they come from moose, when they trip and fall, their noses full of frozen tundra.
     that they are really dormant pod people from the garden galaxy (well they sort of are). 
     that zucchini are what happens to bad little boys (little girls though are immune).
     that this is a new experimental stripey ice cream variety.
     that grandpa doesn't miss the grandgirls and never makes up silly stories.
Note the war with the rabbits: fence, chicken wire, electric fence, and did I mention they hate zucchini!! The squash are on the left the zucchini are on the right. Rabbits love tomatoes - hence... more zucchini!!

This image of the squash is missing and some rascal (me) made the mistake of picking the 12" zucchini that had grown up during week 5 (and barely visible in left edge of the view found by clicking on week 5). So week six is not as impressive as anticipated!! Note the squash picture starts to run into the zucchini picture in week 5. I also planted some tomato plants at the top of both the zucchini and the squash as a backup. My weeding tends to drop off as the summer progresses so you start to see more grass and ragweed.