A Rant Against the King
Obama Health Care Plan Dangerous?!!

Barack Obama is about to kill millions of people.  Before you disagree, hear me out. I posted this
on facebook and realized that except for a few bent-out-of-shape liberal friends (probably no longer
to be my friends) no one would ever see it. But since I've always liked knocking the hornet's nest
out of the tree before I get stung, thereby reducing the number of hornets, it only makes sense that
this rant against government health care should have its own page, title, and meta tags, i.e. a more
prominent position. Fewer hornets should be the goal so here we go again....  For as I made clear to
my students, as a Republican I severely disliked the Bush administration and its decisions, even
from the start,a view that took the rest of the country 9 or 10 years to grasp. For it isn't the
smile or good intentions.  It isn't the endorsement by lovely women and virile men or the feel-good
of the cheering crowd. And it certainly isn't the CIA plowing around Muslem cocktail parties (i.e.
tea houses) looking for telltale signs of WMD's. Ethics and morality are not defined by the
philosophic waffle of selected existentialist lawyers or senators but rather by the murder of
innocent men, women, and children; by the waterboarding, torture and misery of former friends; and
by the lessons of history and higher powers that set us all as equal.  If it were not so, Nero would
still be exalted as the saviour of Rome. There would be a Hitler memorial on the Capitol Mall with
arm raised proudly.  And the guillotine would still be busy eliminating government workers in Paris.   

	But you can now see just how much one voice helps.  For example, when I painted my van as a
	peace van and tried to warn everyone we were going to war in Iraq (even before 9-11) for reasons
	that made no sense whatsoever, and for public reasons that were a complete fabrication, I was
	booed and almost lost my job.  I e-mailed the UN representatives voting on going into Iraq.
	Bush stopped the UN vote and said the world didn't matter. It didn't seem to help, no effect
	whatsoever except to reduce the resale value of the van to "scrap"!! Abu Grhaib was just one
	warning in a long string of warnings that had nothing to do with Republican or Democrat.  But a
	few people listened.

	Having been treated by numerous government run health facilities, however, I fear the fatalities
	under Obama, will now be much higher than Iraq!!  Bush, while setting the bar pretty high, never
	dreamed of the dark endless corridors full of sick people languishing in the stoic PC
	ambivalence of government E-14 managed healthcare, basically human kennels with strict but
	highly recommended rules for euthanasia (i.e. killing people whenever the government perceived
	"to each" ratio disproportionately exceeds your "from each" allotment).

	Under the Obama health care system for the "Entitlement challenged", everyone will get that VA
	hospital "special treatment".  You get your 20 year old govt. cheese and that mildewy Gen.
	MacArthur approved green bag-'o-saline from some moth balled WWII Liberty Ship.  But unlike
	rollover minutes that don't suffer from time and tide, medical technology and chemical
	treatments cannot be set on the shelf for a later date.  Reportedly, there be brine shrimp and
	sea horses in that there old bag-'o-saline.
	Something as simple as a new paradigm for a hospital pill vending machine can prevent hundreds
	of deaths even within one hospital and even within one given year but it is unlikely such an
	expensive software or hardware update would be paid for under federal health care.  And without
	competition, why should you waste the taxpayer's money on some stupid machine when you can waste
	the taxpayer him or herself and pay some bureaucrat to do it? Anybody can hand out pills, right?
	Double entry bookkeeping is just a way of doubling up the pain of public service, right?  The
	average individual makes one accounting error for every 80 measurements, is that what you want
	in your hospital?
	Advances in drug purification and quality are also critical and generally driven in the right
	direction by capitalist market forces.  But improperly selecting or failing to remove a wrong
	enantiomer or stereoisomer from a prepared batch of drug chemicals often makes the difference
	between serious side effects (and often death), versus pain free treatment. Identical chemicals,
	identical molecular weights, one right handed, one left handed, one deadly, one an angel from
	above.  So, do we label the impure substance "generic" and administer it at lower price in the
	government facility?  We do it now even at non-government health care, but ask any VA physician
	who will speak on the QT, these people often have no choice and the side effects go unanswered
	at government facilities.  Most physicians loathe working government health care when the care
	facility is federally managed.  So the answer is yes, government health care rules will and are
	giving you the wrong treatment!  For example, I am currently taking a drug now where the generic
	is produced in Palestine and makes me ill, I simply can't stand the side effects.  In a federal
	health care facility I would have no voice and easily no alternative!!  Under insurance rules I
	can pay the difference and get the right drug. As with any communist, fascist, or socialist
	system, when you replace the free market system you are replacing many systems that offer a
	selection of rules and numerous alternatives with one monotheistic system or company that is
	guaranteed by its monochromatic, monotheistic  nature to not work for a large percentage of
	people.  In other words, you go from having a choice of structures and rules to having no choice
	at all.  The time it takes just to bureaucratically rid your saline of just a few sea monkeys
	(brine shrimp) could easily cost a million lives!
	In another example, many people being treated after thyroid tumor removal find that the thyroxine
	purified from beef cattle works better than the synthetic thyroxine.  In this case it could be the
	impurities that make the product superior.  Guess which version is less expensive and guess
	which is subject to almost infinite wrath by some less informed so-called federal authorities.
	Under federal control it is likely that the production of animal thyroxine would simply cease.
	Whereas it is also likely that the reason behind the better symptom control could be an even
	better new product by some enterprising pharmaceutical company given the proper free market
	A typical example of government ego, ranted about elsewhere on this web site is peanut butter
	and tomatoes.  For 60 years my family left its peanut butter and tomatoes set at room
	temperature in the pantry (Oh horrors), and still do, for months at a time!!  And if the jar
	remained closed or the tomato looked OK, then the nature of peanut butter and tomatoes assured
	us that no one would get sick from eating it.  We didn't need 2000 government plutocrat Henney
	Pennies telling us that the sky is falling, that it is unsafe. Intentional contamination not
	withstanding, it is safe and "by dint of being peanut butter and tomatoes" remains safe.  So God
	bless the independent testing laboratories and God bless mother nature or we would never know to
	what kind of fools concocted this litany.  Simply stated, "Official Authority" in virtually all
	its form is necrotic.  Notice I did not put an "s" on the word form, for the implication here
	is: there is no alternative, the correct answer is made unavailable as was the case of the
	Russian wheat failure of the 1950's!! What is never mentioned about that failure was the fact
	that thousands of other scientific truths were simply extinguished by "Official Authority" as
	well, the expert from afar, or from the czar, was not to be questioned!.
	As another example, caps placed on health care by insurance companies were always anathema but
	were also always subject to combat in court, combat in the marketplace, and combat by simple
	financial benevolence.  In a state controlled system those options are gone. Like fighting the
	IRS you can expect no jury of your peers, no rapid resolution, no second opinion (or
	non-standard therapy), and you certainly can expect no compassion for a rule obeyed or disobeyed
	(to the letter), that results in your death (or far worse).  Yes, there are things much worse
	than death or suffering, Medicare and Medicaid have already raised the hackles on the backs of
	the average Joe, a bellwether warning of that far bleaker future where generations are enslaved
	and murdered by the infirmities of their parents via the mechanismus of government.
	And governments are funny things, they think that just because they render you a service that
	they can use you as an unsuspecting guinea pig.  The term "big brother" is not a term of
	endearment but a warning against the wishfully benign sovereign.  It strikes me we are about to
	go back to abortion with a federal coat hanger but with the really great intentions that come
	with existentialist ethics and the notion that government can do anything as long as it feels
	nothing about the act.  This seems one giant existentialist step down from the notion that you
	can do anything, kill anyone, just so long as you feel good about yourself. And that's the best
	case scenario.  
	Walk into any VA hospital or university hospital, visit the wards, talk to the doctors.
	Something usually seems dingy and ajar. The doctors don't care about their reputation, they
	don't have to.  They may be dealing drugs or doing questionable research.  There is a lack of
	bustle and the smell of lethargy.  Maybe you see bright faces and good results but look at the
	equipment, the lighting, and the paperwork. Does the patient have a bar code and a check sheet
	to double check their identity.  Is the facility using double or triple entry bookkeeping to
	make sure the proper doses are being given. Then compare this with almost any other hospital. Do
	the emergency rooms or cubicles have computerized workstations, x-ray equipment, sterilized
	tools, and environmental controls to limit spread of infection?

	When I was two, I was confined to a bed in a Catholic hospital with polio.  The Catholic Church
	at least was driven by Christian principles but I still wake up screaming 60 years later.  I
	really, really like the idea of being able to partially select the rules for my confinement and
	extinction. Or it could be that I prefer well paid smiling, educated nurses in miniskirts to
	overworked gray faced E-10's (or nuns) with a candystriper's education and a shadow of hatred
	and death firming up that practiced punctilious stoicism.
	Obama is about to kill a lot more people than Bush ever did in Iraq.  If you complain, then you
	didn't give him an honest chance. You don't understand the system. If you move to block you are
	a public menace.  If you open a private facility outside the rule of authority, your wheat
	harvest will be burned!!  Elton Mayo, sixty years ago noted that anytime you change something
	people take that as an improvement. The unethical murder of	millions is about to be sold pretty
	much the same way that the Music Man sold musical instruments, the same way a snake oil salesman
	sells his remedy from the back of a covered wagon.  But unlike the Music Man, the instruments
	will be of inferior quality and will kill you.  This snake oil smells good, it invigorates the
	nostrils. Virile men and fawning women all agree.  But motivation in a federal system is
	fleeting, suspect, and expensive.  A fascist farm out is no better (AKA Wackenhut, Halliburton)!
	So when the dew evaporates from this lily, where does the moisture to survive come from?  Are we
	willing to let the locals set the rules as happens with the federal research grant systems or
	will Hillary's clone, or a Hillary ghost, rule the wards.  If so, I've been to that hospital and
	I really don't want to go back...  ever. Or, on the other hand you could hide on the underside 
	of a morning glory leaf, paint yourself gold and wait to get screwed.
	Recently, Rush Limbaugh was challenged for saying he hoped Obama would fail.  But....
If any government plan would make the country into a more invasive socialist, fascist, 
or communist state... 
Then I hope it fails.

If Obama would spend all the inheritance of our grandchildren on help for an entitlement
challenged  people too lazy and ignorant to help themselves while enslaving them to pay
it back to the government...
Then I hope he fails.

If Obama continues to ignore half of the electorate and the better interests of national 
productivity, the environment, and our survival while dismantling and shipping out needed 
raw materials and capital equipment needed to fix these problems...
Then I hope, I really, really, really hope he fails.

So yes, I agree with Rush, after all he's right over 99.8% of the time. :)