(who-a) adj./expl. (Typ. of Soldiers <particularly 101st Airborne>, Scotsmen, cowboys and the fierce Aggorigines of Texas A&M.) Referring to or meaning anything and everything except "no". 1. What to say when at a loss for words as in, "Hoo-ah! was that a live grenade?" or "Hoo-ah! I never saw a hoof print there before." 2. Roger, affirmative, message received. A substitute for , "how in heavens did you survive that??" 3. Extremely glad to meet you, a gesture of extreme welcome. As in Hooah!!, Wow, I know we've never met before but would you marry me?? 4. An emphatic alternative to the word "Woof", meaning: I haven't the vaguest idea what you are talking about and I care.. but don't have the IQ or desire to solve your problem. 5. Slang for: "I am not listening , fool , and I won't be listening soon !!" or " That's enough of your mindless dribble-sit down.", (alt.) "Stop sniveling." 6. Oops. As in, "Hoo-ah, my parachute appears defective. 7. A sensuous substitute for thank you. 8. Go to the next slide. 9. A strong affirmative substitute for

"Sir, yes sir." As in "Hooah!!, I won't date your daughter again sir!!". Or "Hooah, a most excellent and deadly attack, sir." 10. Signifying or acknowledging a strong odor, a sign you may need to bathe, to degas or to check yourself or your boots for biological incrustations. 11. A sign of embarrassment, when possibly too embarrassed to ask for clarification. Often used to answer a mathematical or personal question. 12. *A masculine antonym to answer the feminine & diminutive interogative:"Hooey?" 13. On earth, an invocation to a strong, powerful, and simplified action. When delivered as a prayer, an invocation to God's immediate participation. Warning, God often responds. 14. *Part of a typical Aggie courtship exchange..e.g.: Hooah! Hooey! Hooah! Hooey! Hooah! Hoo..oo....ah....Hoo...Ahh! Yahoo! Hooah! Achoo..Hee. Hee.Heeowieee!!!