The Dictator's Speech from the Movie "Crisis"
Al Sharpton?

With the recent death of Miguel Ferrer, Jose Ferrer's son, I tried to download from my VCR (yes I know) this speech from the movie "Crisis." I am sadly missing a few lines but I captured most of it. It explains all too clearly the fools in the streets of DC breaking out windows and pointing fingers at others, on this inauguration day of our 45th president. But it also says more than most about what keeps a democracy alive and well: rational people, doing the responsible thing, respecting the law, respecting people we don't know or who aren't like ourselves, respecting the results of and need for hard work, and then allowing people to dream and hold those results, and that property. Only a few seconds of education in a church or school would be needed to convey that sacred trust, but how many millions of people have no clue how peace, ownership, prosperity, and even the common smile, are preserved, how these things must be fought for and worked for and defended.
Cary Grant (doctor) :
To them America means freedom!
Jose Ferrer (tyrant):
Why do they say, you ought to let me die?
Cary Grant (doctor) :
I am an American. You are a tyrant, therefore it follows, I ought to let you die.
Jose Ferrer (tyrant):
Freedom, everybody talks about freedom. It would not work here. You have to be educated to freedom, you understand? My people have not. It is not an easy thing this freedom. Here they think it means no more work, no more troubles, you bring in a big machine, and suddenly, nobody will be poor. I have spent a lot of time in your country, Doctor. In your country a sign on a trolley car says no more speeding, and nobody speeds. The American still means respect for the law, respect for property, and for responsibility. In this country, they spit on the sign. Even a simple thing like a movie theater. In your country they stand in line for hours. Here, they begin to form a line. In one minute there is a crowd. In two minutes there is a riot. The people are stupid, they cannot help themselves.
Editted this day of our Lord, January 20, 2017