== A Fascism Test for Americans ==
Is Sharpton a Fascist?
Trump? Hillary? Bernie Sanders? The Pink Hat Ladies?

First of all, if you sit down in that crowd of opposite political belief, which crowd beats you up? Tell the truth.. *****the left wing, the buttercups (in the 1930's,it was the Nazis) And which crowd talks about inclusivity but doesn't include anyone? "You have to pass it to read it," party &racial allegiance or else. *****the left wing, the buttercups (in the 1930's, the Aryans and the Nazis) And which crowd shuns people and insists they know all about stuff, stuff like wheat genetics, or Aryan inheritance, or global warming, where other people, scientists, and religious leaders are called names, are hurt professionally, injured, jailed, or worse? *****the left wing, the buttercups (in the 1930's the Nazis & Stalinists, Lysenkoism) And who claims it is always the other guy's fault? the Russians, FOX news, the conservatives and Christians, the Europeans, the Jews, anyone spreading an alternate point of view, certainly not the Muslims.. (Or should you take personal responsibility? behave morally? and respect the other guy?) ****the left wing, the snowjobs and butterflakes (in 1930's, Hitler & the fascists) A key feature of fascism... Which side would give all power to the village or to a dictatorial state. Which endorses a strong communal, socialist, or communist line? ****the far left, the buttercups (in the 1930's the Nazis & Stalinists) Fascists don't endorse capitalism, controlled immigration, free speech, gun ownership, self determination, Judo Christian Law, and mutually beneficial (not World Order) trade laws? So who does? ****the Trump people, certainly not the left, the buttercups (in the 1930's not the
Nazis & Stalinists but America and most of the British Empire. ============================================================================ Note: Popular leadership alone is not a sign of fascism or dictatorship. Rule of law, personal freedom, and sharing power, these are better indicators. Behind closed doors legislation, and "the end justifies the means" thinking (much more typical of today's left), these things are almost always a bad sign!

============= Trump Check ========================

Trump shows none of the classic signs of evil government power mongering fascism, or dictatorship despite the many disparaging him. There are, however, things that often define an evil dictator, but so far Trump is none of these:
1. Kills people he doesn't like - nope 2. Arrests and brutalizes dissenters - nope 3. Nationalizes transportation, communication, and most major businesses - nope 4. Only allows one party, his or hers.- nope 5. Decries morality and religion as bad because the end justifies the means. - nope 6. Controls public media - now there's a joke 7. Disarms dissidents and citizens. State control of local police - Obama, but not Trump 8. Suggests socialism (state control) replace capitalism (business self controlling) - nope 9. Blocks people leaving country - nope (wants to block illegal and over immigration, people entering country) 10. Controls people's lives (like healthcare, housing, food) - no, wants people to have more, &better choices. 11. Disrespects life (late term abortion, death penalty, enslavement to taxes, death tax) - nope but sounds a lot like Hillary! 12. Antisemitic & hates self determination - no, that's the other guy

Editted this day of our Lord, January 24, 2017